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Wagner-Martin Development LLC, (State of Washington company) the company that produces The Mighty Duke Power Pull, an automotive collision repair system is moving forward with aggressive plans for the future. The Mighty Duke Power Pull®, also known as a “pulling machine” in the auto repair industry is a tool used in body shops to straighten cars that have been damaged in accidents.

Wagner-Martin Development LLC takes it’s name from the men responsible for the early development of The Mighty Duke Power Pull. Founded in 2009, we are extremely proud  to present The Mighty Duke Power Pull. We are an American company,  and will always value the American workers we hire to make our machines the best in the world.

In the last 5 years our YouTube video “The Mighty Duke – Portable Auto Body and Frame Machine” has garnered over 160,000 views from around the world. It is now pulling in over 4,500 views a month, and is one of the most watched in it’s field! The links from YouTube are bringing more and more customers to our website, and a growing stream of emails and phone calls.

Because so many inquiries concern shipping, and international shipping we urge shoppers to see our FAQs pages to learn more.

If you own or operate a small to medium size auto body shop you really should consider The Mighty Duke Power Pull. Its simple design, makes set-up and operation easy and intuitive, and the ample power make it perfect for bread and butter jobs. Push-pull and Overhead attachments increase versatility even more.
The compact design of The Mighty Duke Power Pull belies its incredible power. With the 4000 lb. 120 volt electric winch(made in the USA) configured over the custom double snatch quad sheave system, The Mighty Duke is capable of over 7 tons of smooth, controlled pulling power. That is more than enough for almost every application and requirement you will encounter. And when not in use, The Mighty Duke Power Pull rolls off into a corner, freeing up valuable floor space.

Fabrication of The Mighty Duke Power Pull®


CNC laser-cut precision by ShapeCut Industries, Spokane, WA


Expert TIG welding of the Mighty Duke by ShapeCut Industries, Spokane WA


Set-up of the Mighty Duke Power Pull™


The Mighty Duke Power Pull Basic Wire Rope and Double Sheave Block Set up


Floor Anchor Layout and Placement – QSV#2


How To Set Concrete Drop In Anchors Into The Floor – QSV#3


The Mighty Duke Power Pull QSV#4 Auto Frame Rail Tie Down and Securing Vehicle


The Mighty Duke Power Pull QSV#5 Hooking Up For The First Pull


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