The Mighty Duke Power Pull Product Liability Waiver

This form is a requisite to purchase The Mighty Duke Power Pull system and accessories. It must be signed and notarized by the customer in the state that the customer resides at time of purchase. It must be returned to the offices of Wagner-Martin Development LLC, or agent thereof, prior to the release/shipment of purchased products.


By its using The Mighty Duke Power Pull machine, and any attachments separately or in conjunction with said machine I accept full responsibility for any damage, personal injury, or harmful results, including death that may occur as a result of said product(s).

I understand that I am relinquishing the right to sue and the right to receive any compensation should damages arise from the use of said product, whether the product is used properly or improperly.

I acknowledge that use of said products come with an inherent high degree of risk to property, and for personal injury, including possible death.

I acknowledge that I am aware that training video’s displaying and explaining the proper set-up and use of said product(s) and accessories is available online at , also on The Mighty Duke Power Pull Channel on, also at and directly from the manufacturer, and that it is my responsibility to obtain and watch said training video’s. It is also my responsibility to follow proper set-up and procedures demonstrated in said training videos. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to provide these videos to anyone authorized to operate The Mighty Duke Power Pull on my behalf or with my permission on their own behalf.

I further acknowledge that all products created, manufactured, or distributed by Wagner-Martin Development LLC or any authorized distributors of their products, are offered on the condition that their users accept full responsibility for any and all ill effects the product may cause, including personal injury and/or death.


Print Name: ___________________________________________________________

User Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________


Notary: ________________________

Notary Signature:____________________

State or Province:_______________________                                               Seal Area




This form is required of all end user buyers of The Mighty Duke Power Pull. It must be signed, notarized, and returned to the home offices of Wagner-Martin Development LLC, or legal distributor before shipment of equipment can occur. This form can be printed, filled out and mailed to;

Wagner-Martin Development LLC

24707 E Kildea Ave.

Otis Orchards, WA 99027

File can be downloaded by clicking on desired format below:

TMDProductLiabilityWaiver (PDF)

TMDProductLiabilityWaiver (DOC)

TMDProductLiabilityWaiver (ODT)

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