How is the car tied down?

img_3843-300PThe vehicle is ¬†secured with 2-3 frame hooks (depending on the pull) chained back to floor anchors and tie down plates with 3/8″ G70 chains. See photos below. Floor jacks are used to position the car or truck and stands are also helpful to maintain correct position for any given pull. Other X-frame stands can also certainly be used to maintain or achieve symmetry. Measuring systems are helpful as well of course. The 25 anchors are spread out in an egg shape pattern on the concrete floor. New video’s will be coming in a day or so that show floor prep, machine set-up, and pulling set-up. We are really excited about this and the new machine. The MD-301 has been redesigned and is now virtually indestructible. It is about 25% heavier as well. The ONLY thing that limits this machine now is how good the concrete floor is. Old concrete, 5″ or better is perfect. For insane pulls the machine can be double bolted back with an additional chain and anchor.¬†It becomes quite intuitive and simple with experience. It is a different experience than a rack system for sure, but if you want simplicity, and something that doesn’t take up valuable work space when not in use these machines shine. Of course, a person can employ other tie down systems in conjunction with The Mighty Duke.

img_1832-500P img_1834-500P img_1836-500P


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